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We call it Eleway

Primero is where you can be yourself

We do things our way

We call it Eleway – it means with a startup culture and corporate performance, we’re mature yet fun.
We are open, honest, and human. Yes, we are hungry for success and dedicated to work, but we also know how to celebrate our victories and enjoy the rewarding moments.

We believe

Each of us has a business-owner mindset, and we learn and grow fast as individuals and as a company – within the first year from founding in Latvia, we expanded to all the Baltics and kept growing in the following years, and now we have a talented team of 2300 professionals in three continents.

Our team is diverse

We are inclusive, accepting, and respectful towards each other. Our diversity gives an opportunity to learn from one another and grow together as a strong team. Join us - you'll love working in a collaborative and non-bureaucratic environment that is fun yet stable and sustainable.

Our culture

Best team in the world


Our values ❤️

Financial Technology for Better Social Mobility


We see challenges in everything that comes to our way and growth in what we do. Change is our driving force and we welcome it with our heads held high. We say yes to every turn, showing strength and courage


We are hungry for success and strive for excellence. We enjoy the process and trials along the way, however, the result is what counts. Our victories give us enthusiasm and energy for the future


We take full responsibility for our actions and decisions, encouraging others to do the same. Initiative allows us to act ahead of events instead of passively reacting. Even though the road may be winding, determination takes us forward


Our activity is based on love for the work we do and for the clients we serve! We create options that provide mobility because we understand the desire to love the car

Perks & Benifits

Inteligent team
Open feedback culture
Learning & developement possibilities
Impact fast without bureaucaracy
Transparency on company results and goals
Result oriented bonus
Celebrate victories
Hybrid working environment in modern office
Flexible working hours
Well-being program
Active social life and events

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